Abortion: Real Facts, Real People


The right to abortion has popular support. As of June 2019, 77 percent of those polled in an PBS/NPR/Marist poll responded that Roe v Wade should not be overturned. Defying popular opinion, right-wing myths and falsities attempt to define abortion as unhealthy and unnecessary. Abortion, a important component of reproductive healthcare, is a reality and a necessity. The facts support it. The facts have meaning for real people with real lives. Breaking the Chains has collected personal testimonials that support and expand our understanding of the facts. The current struggle to defend the right to abortion is critical and requires our political understanding and action.

Read the Real Facts, Real People testimonials below, part of an online series related to the latest Breaking the Chains magazine: “Not a Moral Issue.” Become a patron today, and get the issue as soon as it is in print! It will also be available at store.pslweb.org soon.

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