Real Facts. Real People. Testimonial I

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I had obtained a copper IUD for free from a local public health department, and I got it because it was advertised as being 99.9% effective over 12 years. I found out that I was pregnant after less than a year after insertion. 

I was a full-time college student. I was working part-time, and I had no family support. My partner and I split the $600 cost for the abortion at the Feminist Women’s Health Center of Atlanta, where the health care providers were kind, knowledgeable and accommodating. I was fortunate to have the transportation and cash to access that service at a time when I could barely take care of myself.

One health clinic in metro Atlanta in Georgia is not enough. Everyone should have safe and free access to abortion, and I am furious that my state government is threatening the existence of safe and legal access to this crucial health service.”

– Anonymous