Vol. 8.1: The Political Economy of Women’s Liberation Study Guide

Welcome to the study and discussion guide for The Political Economy of Women’s Liberation (which can be purchased here).

These questions are meant to help guide you as you study the magazine issue on how politics and economics shape women’s lives. Our goal is to arm you with tools that offer a theoretical foundation for the study of the political economy of working women’s liberation and oppression, tools that we encourage you to revisit as you deepen your study. If you are interested in joining or forming a study group, we would be happy to help! Let us know!


  • Help participants gain a greater understanding of the political economy as raised in the latest issue of the magazine
  • Allow participants to make personal connections to the material in the magazine
  • Draw inspiration and lessons from historical examples


  • Chart paper. 1 for the guiding question and 3 for the anchoring questions
  • Markers for chart paper
  • Copies of the magazine (or print outs articles) for each participant
  • Slides, projector, speakers, internet connection
  • Suggested materials: notepaper and pens/pencils/highlighters for participants, name tag, post its

Access the facilitators guide and slide deck here.