Vol. 8 No. 2 Women, War & Revolution

Entire generations of people in the U.S., virtually everyone younger than 30 years old has lived in a society at war. But not all wars are the same. Historically, some wars have given way to freedom from colonial oppressors, others are rooted in a competition for resources and power and others are to maintain U.S. domination and empire. Capitalist wars bring on major crises for the working class including patriarchal violence, environmental destruction, devastation, hunger and death — they expose the weaknesses of society, worsen living conditions and have the potential to expand conflict. The effects of war compound and impact revolutionary consciousness. Working class women experience the effects of imperialist war in specific ways, which in turn shapes working women’s consciousness. These historical moments can make the path to peace clearer—the only way to end the endless war is with a socialist revolution. The only possible peace is one brought about by liberation. This issue seeks to intervene in this crucial moment and asks readers to consider: What is the relationship between war and revolution? How does war impact working people’s, and especially working women’s, consciousness? How does the social and economic position of women also position them to lead movements for peace?