From Struggle to Militant: A Revolutionary Story Ep. 7 Beth Semmer Massey

Music: “Home” by Jillesque of Condina Records

In episode 7 of From Struggle to  Militant: A Revolutionary Story, we interview Beth Semmer Massey, a founding member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Beth grew up in segregated Chattanooga, Tennessee during The Civil Rights Movement. Having lived through Brown vs The Board of Education and the Montgomery bus boycott, and then immersed into the political activism of the late 60s, she dedicated her life to organizing ever since. Beth Massey has also written and self-published five Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF) novels and is currently working on two others.  She currently resides in Chicago and works with the Chicago Cuba Coalition.

Selection of Beth’s work:

Selection of Beth’s novels:

From Struggle to Militant: A Revolutionary Story is a patron-only exclusive interview series that follows the stories of the women in the PSL – How did we become revolutionaries? What experiences shaped our political consciousness? How do we continue to build leadership within the larger movement? What you will find is that we are everyday people who have been galvanized by the oppression we’ve experienced and witnessed by the deep injustices in the US capitalist system.

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